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Christian F. Tschudin



Welcome to my home page. Since 2002 I'm a professor of Computer Science at the University of Basel and lead the Computer Networks Group. I'm also the head of the Computer Science Department.
My research focus is on mobile code, wireless networking and security. Before joining the University of Basel, I was with the Communications Research Group of Uppsala University, ICSI Berkeley, University of Zurich and University of Geneva.

Computer Science Department
Bernoullistrasse 16
CH - 4056 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 267 05 57
Fax: +41 61 267 05 59
E-mail: christian.tschudin@unibas.ch


CS103   Applications of Computer Science (Ringvorlesung) WS03, WS05, HS07
CS105   Theoretical Computer Science SS04, SS05, SS06, SS07
CS201   Computer Architectures and Operating Systems WS04, WS05, WS06, HS07
CS221   Computer Networks and Security SS05, SS06, SS07
CS321   Autonomic Computer Systems WS06, HS07
CS506   Ten Programming Languages in One Semester (Seminar) SS06, SS07
CS591   Nerd Culture (Seminar) SS04, WS05

Research Projects
 see the  [projects]  page.

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