LUNAR - Lightweight Underlay Network Ad hoc Routing

Working below IP

LUNAR is a simple and robust self-configuring wireless ad-hoc routing system that creates an IP subnet illusion. It is developed as a kernel module which can be dynamically loaded in a running system : no need to recompile your current kernel, and no need to specify any complex parameters when loading the LUNAR module. LUNAR allows you to join a wireless ad-hoc group and use all Internet applications as if the nodes were tethered: no parameters required!


LUNAR is purposefully simple. It works well in the most common situations of wireless ad-hoc networking, namely small groups of less than 10 mobile nodes that are close enough (up to 3 times the useful IEEE 802.11 distance i.e., approx 50m/150ft). LUNAR implements a bare-bones on-demand route discovery protocol with broadcast dampening and reconfigures communications paths typically within 3 seconds. IP addresses are self-configured and MANET name resolution is supported. LUNAR includes automatic IP gatewaying and supports IP unicast and broadcast. The ideal solution for spontaneous ad hoc networks and wireless ad-hoc Internet access links. Enjoy!


Note: the 2 versions of LUNARng contain a cross-compiled version for the Linksys WRT54G router.


Old versions/ports

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More About LUNAR

LUNAR is an exercise in sticking to essential ad hoc functionality. Our work is based on the following assumptions and design principles:

LUNAR sits below IP and traps ARP/ND/DNS solicit requests and rewrites them to a set of XRP commands (eXtensible Resolution Protocol), resulting in tunnels being punched through the ad hoc network. See the LUNAR and SelNet papers on this WEB page for more details.


Many people have been involved in the development and testing of LUNAR. Two versions are currently maintained: LUNARng, and LUNARng with dynamic names and private address maps. For questions about these 2 versions, contact Christophe Jelger at UBasel.

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